Jeunes Amis du Français


This organization is the middle and elementary school subdivision of the Société Honoraire du Français, The National French Honors Society.  

The aim of this organization is to stimulate interest in the study of French, to promote high standards of scholarship, to create enthusiasm for and an understanding of Francophone cultures, to encourage service to school and community, and to promote international friendship.

The members of the “Academic” chapter must be enrolled in a full academic year of French study, maintain an excellent academic record with an A- (A minus) average in French or higher or equivalent and complete at least one service project to benefit the school and/or community in order to qualify for induction.   

Due to their effort and aptitude, the member will be expected to perform according to a more challenging rubric on assessments and projects than non-members.  Jeunes Amis du Français members will set an example to the school and community how French can be of use both academically and personally.

There is a $9.00  fee for induction to Jeunes Amis du Français and awards them a certificate and pin, as well as the opportunity to compete in national contests for prizes.