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April 2018

BDS vs. TRINITY Tennis

From Coach Jennifer Weir:

BDS had an excellent showing in Natchez against Trinity Episcopal Day School on Thursday, April 5th.  Simon Cooper handily won his singles match 6-0, 6-0. Connor Hartfield showed impressive tenacity in defeating a 6'2" senior.  David Brett did a great job in his singles as well, winning his pro-set 8-1.  For our mixed doubles, Myles and Annabelle fought hard but ended up ceding to the older senior year mixed doubles team.  Maddie and Lillie also played against seniors losing a tough, but good match.  Annabelle and Lille won a pro-set doubles and played a great game.  Julianna and Adalyn played great together against an upper classmen double's team, eventually losing their pro-set.  Jake Antinnes and Aidan Shemper won a pro-set 8-4.

Way to go, BDS!  Our students and teachers did a great job, and we came home with many awards.

Social Studies 4th Grade Test- Kale Childs 2nd place

Poetry Division 1- Caroline Clayton 4th place

Speech Division 1- Anni Cooper 5th place

Speech Division 2- Annabelle Thrash 4th place

Tower of Power Division 1- Gardner Cucullu, Marie Thrash, Andrew Brett, Cooper Smith, Collin Mars 1st place

Tower of Power Division 2- Lillie Bertram, Evan Brewer, Regan Cochran, Anderson Bedwell, and Connor Hartfield 2nd place

Quiz Bowl Division 2- Jake Antinnes, Stella Bertram, David Brett, Cecile Oliver 3rd place

Robotics Division 2- David Brett, Aidan Shemper, Connor Hartfield, Eli Childs, Adalyn Wilson, Burke Wilson, Gardner Cucullu, Kale Childs, Andrew Brett 2ndplace


Sculpture- Adalyn Wilson Honorable Mention

Recyclable Art- Denali Liyanage Honorable Mention

Sketching- Maggie Rouse Honorable Mention

Black and White Photo- Lillie Bertram 4th place

Fiber- Jadyn Cunningham 2nd place

Painting- Marah Inman 1st place

Presidential Fitness

from Josh Moore

8th grade saw 33% of the students hit their target goal. 7th grade took the cake with 62% hitting their target goal. 6th grade had a 50% success rate. 5th grade took second with a 56% success rate. 4th was able to manage a 50% success rate. 3rd grade reached a 40% success rate. 2nd grade cleared a 19% success rate. 1st grade slipped through with a 13% success rate. Kindergarten managed a 17% success rate. All of which were boys except for Cecelia Thompson. Out of the students who run Track and Field 77% hit their target goal. The ones that did not are either only throwers or primarily throwers. So congratulations BDS track team. Our school wide average comes out to a 38%. This is higher than any year I have been at BDS. So a big congratulations to all the students for putting in the hard work, making the effort, and attempting a daunting task regardless of the outcome. 


Congratulations to Davis Lynn, one of our eighth graders, for being accepted to the Vanderbilt Summer Academy’s (VSA) Mathematical Reasoning summer program. VSA is a competitive summer program open to applicants throughout the United States and is and geared toward gifted students interested in expanding their knowledge in a specific area of interest. The mathematical program in which Daviswill be enrolled uses geometry and programming to explore problem solving. Students in his class will be introduced to a more advanced way of doing math by working through famous conceptual mathematics problems. It will be a rigorous two-week course in July modeled on a collegiate schedule, during which he will engage with Vanderbilt’s campus, socialize in recreational facilities, experience living in college residence halls, and tackle rigorous courses taught by professors and Ph.D. scholars who also call Vanderbilt home. We are proud of Davis and all of his accomplishments!