Robotics Club

The BDS robotics club is available for students in grades 5-8.


In a world that is becoming ever more dependent on technology, it is important that individuals have a high degree of technological fluency. While not everyone will become a computer engineer, programmer, or build robots, there will be no occupation that does not have any interaction with the technological world.

We will use Vex materials for our designs. This program is the most widely used system in schools across the globe. The system is praised for its ease of use, while still allowing the students to learn the ins and outs of construction and programming.

This year the students will not only prepare for the beta competition, but they will also complete in-school challenges throughout the year. It is important to understand that we need more than just builders and programmers. We need set designers, artists, storytellers, and creative thinkers.

Meeting Time

Wednesday at BDS - 3:30-4:30 PM