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MAIS 2017 Swim Meet Results

Congratulations to all the swimmers who competed in the MAIS state meet.  In combined scores, BDS placed 8th out of 22 teams with only 17 swimmers.

1st -3rd  Grade Girls 100 yard freestyle relay --3RD PLACE

Elle Gianola, Emma Rolison, Mari Claire Johnson, Mary Clayton West

1st -3rd  Grade girls 25 yard backstroke

4th  place Everly Coley

8th  place Emma Rolison

9th  place Mary Clayton West

14th  place Elle Gianola

16th  place Mari Claire Johnson


1st -3rd Grade Girls 25 yard freestyle

4th  place Elle Gianola

8th  place Emma Rolison

13th  place Everly Coley

16th  place Mari Claire Johnson

18th  place Mary Clayton West


4th -6th  Grade Girls 100 yard freestyle relay 6th place overall

Kinley Cucullu, Clara Pegues, Sienna Styles Smith, Heidi Hudson


4th -6th  Grade Girls 25 yard freestyle

2nd  place Heidi Hudson

5th  place Kinley Cucullu


4th -6th Grade Girls 50 yard breaststroke Heidi Hudson 2ND PLACE overall


4th-6th Grade Girls 50 yard freestyle Kinley Cucullu 6th PLACE overall


Congratulations to all the BDS swimmers that participated:

4th -6th  grade boys : Kale Childs, Gardner Cucullu, Straus Smith , Res Simmons

4th -6th  grade girls Katherine Woodard, Clara Pegues, Sienna Styles Smith, Ella Coley, and Anni Cooper